This is the story so far.

This is the story so far.

Welcome to our website. We are travel bloggers.

We are also a family, just like yours. We decided to make life more interesting. We sold almost everything and took off around the world. We were on a mission to give the kids an amazing education, have more family time and not be slaves to bills, mortgages and “stuff”.

And we ended up buying a house in Romania.


After two years and 20+ countries, we found ourselves in Romania and things changed in the blink of an eye.

We bought a house.

A house in a remote village with lots of land, no electricity, no water, no windows and no floors ( yet).

We bought it in cash. No more mortgages, no more bills. We want a base, but we don’t want to be wage slaves. We want to be as eco-friendly, green, renewable, off-grid and minimalist as we can possibly can be.

We loved the house and we loved Romania. After just one month in the country we knew we wanted to stay. For a while, not forever. Travel bloggers aren’t the settling type.

If you’d like to see the house we fell in love with, as it was before we started renovating, click here.

We’re going to renovate that house and tell you all about the project. We’re also going to tell you all about travel in Romania and maybe persuade you to visit this incredible and overlooked country.

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  1. Hi,

    where is your house in Romania? We have family there.
    Did you learn romanian?
    I am a Romanian born Australian citizen looking at going with the flow again … I cannot be in one place for long time. But we have 3 kids and that’s why I’m looking at your blogs (with real interest) to educate myself about un-schooling.


  2. Have you started the reno yet? Can you do the skilled trades work yourselves? Is it difficult to get supplies there in rural Romania?

    • No Suzanne, still waiting on the paperwork. There is an issue with village boundaries, they have to be redrawn because our house is right on the edge. No, finding village craftsmen is fabulous, they’re so highly skilled in what they do, amazing and beautiful work. Supplies as in building materials? Yes and no. There is no 3 year old wood available now, anything under 3 years is too young, so we’ll have to buy 2 year old and keep it a year ( 2 year old is WAY cheaper). Young wood will split and warp. You literally go around the villages knocking on doors where you see a pile of planks and ask. It’s like gold to them, an investment, but cheap to us. I’ve got a good frend here,a nomadic Aussie architect, he’s been showing me how it’s done, he’s working on another village house project here, we all know what to do, we’re just waiting for the word go. I put photos of that build on he SLR Facebook page, it’s a beautiful project.

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