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This Romania travel blog page is a travel guide bringing together all the information about travel destinations, hotels, tips and suggestions for travel to Romania. We include family travel, adventure travel, singles and couple travel and of course, lots of food and drink related posts. The interactive Romania map, below will take you directly to the post you need. Click on a pin to open the post for that location.

Take a look at a magic village in Maramures, the last place you’ll find real peasant life in Europe, by clicking through.

Romania and Dracula

Romania and Dracula. Travel, Romania and Transylvania

This was how we sold Romania to the kids, Transylvania and Dracula. Their response ” I LOVE you mum!”.

You’ll find Dracula related attractions, dishes and souvenirs all over Romania, it’s a bit of fun and the story is rooted in history, folk tales and superstition.

It’s an interesting story to read up on, read all about Dracula’s Romanian roots and vampire related destinations, here.

The Weather in Romania

Romanian winters can be incredibly cold, but summers are long and hot.

Rainfall is modest to low and focused on the western mountains, allowing a long ski season.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Romania was in Brasov, a chilly  −38.5 °C (−37.3 °F). The absolute maximum temperature was 44.5 °C (112.1 °F) in Brăila County.

The country’s topography will obviously give location dependent variations.

For more information on best times to visit Romania, see the Romania tourism website.

Visas For Romania

EU and UK passport holders can stay in Romania for 3 months without needing a visa. ( UK advice here)

Romania is not part of the Schengen agreement.

American and Canadian citizens and citizens of Australia and New Zealand  do not need an entry visa to visit Romania, for stays up to 90 days, during a single visit, or multiple visits, within any 6 month period.

The 90 day visa can be extended by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs..

Visas Will be needed if you are a national of one of the countries on this list.

Please check this information for yourself at the Ministry above, these regulations, for any country, have a habit of changing and I’m only trying to give you a rough guide here.


Romania Travel Destinations

Our list isn’t comprehensive as yet, but we’re adding posts just as fast as we can!


Travel Romania. Bucharest

Bucharest was so much more than we expected. See our post on Bucharest here.


With fairy-tale looks and cobbled streets, the town of Brasov is a popular tourist destination in Romania.

It nestles at the foot of a mountain and boasts it’s own Hollywood style sign “Brasov”. Just in case you forget where you are.

The main square Piaţa Sfatului, is a wonderful place to sit at a pavement cafe and watch the world go by.


Travel Romania Sighisoara Traditional Costume

Traditional Romanian costumes inside the ancient citadel of Sighisoara

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Sighisoara is a tiny, fortified, medieval town with stunning good looks.

It’s traffic-free streets are a joy to explore and it was the birthplace of Vlad Dracul, so expect some vampire theming.

My boys adored a trip to the spooky cemetery at midnight through the oak covered walkway.

See our post on why you absolutely must include Sighisoara on your Romania itinerary here.

Maramures County

Travel Romania. Merry Cemetery Maramures

The stunning Merry Cemetery and church in Maramures County, Romania.

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Maramures, in the north of Romania, nestled against the Ukraine border is an absolutely stunning part of the world.

It’s green and unspoilt, the meadows grow thick with wild flowers and the way of life is simple and beautiful.

This is where we bought our house, and so did another Romania fan, Prince Charles.

Posts about Maramures Country include:

The Farmers Market at Ocna Sugatag

A vdeo about Marmures County

A special dinner with the shepherds and their dogs, in Maramures Romania

Learning to ski in Cavnic, Maramures

A look inside a Maramures tuica shed to see what the Romanians are up to in there.

You can also find out what it’s really like here in Romanian winter, with no heating!

Maramures is famous for wooden churches and huge gates, even the simplest home can have a towering gateway, a tradition from years gone by. The wooden churches of Maramures are UNESCO listed.

In this region you’ll find places to visit such as the Merry Cemetery in the village of Sapanta and the stunning Barsana Monastery.

The real jewel of Maramures lies in it’s stunningly preserved lifestyle, culture and traditions. You will step back into a medieval peasant past.

Turda Salt Mine

What an incredible place, if you’re travelling to Romania, make a point of going here, it’s like nothing else on earth. See the post on Salina Turda here.



Romanian Food

Travel Romania. Romanian food. Mititei or Mici

Romanian food is hearty, simple, meaty and good. We were all surprised by how much we loved it.

You’ll find good produce, much of it organic and traditionally produced.

Village cows feed on wild flowers to make amazing milk and butter, home made bread and jams are easy to find and there are plenty of traditional dishes to explore.

Sarmale cu Mamaliguta, stuffed cabbage leaves with polenta, is a festive dish and our favourite Romanian dish so far.

Expect a hot chili and a dollop of sour cream on the side.

Mici or Mititei are a rolled meat sausage, without a skin (above). Served with beautiful mustards on the side, this is Romania’s traditional street food.

You’ll also find an abundance of soups and plenty of cheeses and cured meats.

For more information on Romanian food, click here.

Is There A Language Barrier in Romania?

In the cities, no, none at all. Young Romanians often speak perfect English.

Once you venture out into the countryside, that all changes. You will most certainly need a guide book and phrase book of some sort to get by.

The good news is, Romanian is fairly easy to understand if you know some Italian, French or Spanish. To my ear, Romanian takes me back to my days learning Latin in school. The Romans were here, they left a lot of things behind, including their vocabulary.