Sighisoara, Romania. Travel Guide

Sighisoara is a stunning, and surprisingly tiny, medieval citadel in Transylvania, central Romania. Its story-book looks alone will blow you away, the buildings are simply gorgeous. Add history and cultural appeal to the visual and you’ve got a must-visit global destination. Unsurprisingly, Sighisoara is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. […]

How We Came To Buy a House in Romania

We’d been travelling full time for two years when the devastating Nepal earthquake forced us to change our plans. We were in southern India with a ticket to Kathmandu for the next day and no Indian visa left. We had to get out fast A few weeks before we’d been contacted by a guy in […]

Our Background

We have been travelling as a family for two years and before that we emigrated to Far North Queensland from the UK. We had 6 or 7 years sweltering in the tropics, long enough to work out that it wasn’t the lifestyle for us. I am British, my husband is Australian, the children are both. […]

The Romania Project. Not a House, Yet.

I say house, it’s not really that yet, it’s more of a shell. It’s a beautiful shell made of recycled 100 year old oak beams perched on the side of a hill. It’s surrounded by meadows and provides stunning views of valleys, mountains and the amazingly picturesque village church. We first saw our house in […]