Christmas in Breb. 2016, Year 2 !

We’ve spent 2 Christmases in Breb now. Does that mean we live here? Legally we don’t, we spend time here as tourists, but I wish we did. This is the most glorious, amazing, fascinating place we’ve found anywhere on this huge planet of wonders and only a few special people know about it, for now. […]

Learning to Ski in Romania. Simply

We’ve had a fantastic time skiing here in Romania, the kids took a few lessons while Chef and I were free to head up the mountain. Being child-free is a pretty new experience for us, as full time child-wranglers and educators, it kinda rocked! After just 3 lessons D was joinging us on the big […]

Life in the Freezer. January in Breb

We’ve been waiting for this. When we first had the idea of basing ourselves in Romania, locals told us winter temperatures can easily drop to -25C. We checked online, we couldn’t find any records of temperatures that low, so we kind of didn’t believe it but wanted to find out what it was like. Through […]

Pig Slaughter and Butchery

I’m publishing these images of pig butchery for those that are interested. I know not everyone wants to see, but some do and have asked me to publish. So, as I did with our images of the rather gruesome market in Cambodia, I’m hiding them away a little. I love documenting life in the village, […]

First Snow in The Village

26th November 2015. The first time we saw snow in the village. There has been a sprinking of snow on the mountains all around us for a few days now. We’ve been making preparations, stocking up on food and drinks, just in case we get snowed in. We don’t really own a fridge or a […]