Pigs, Wood, Neighbours and Sarmale. Autumn in Breb

We’re home, finally. Summer saw us heading to London and staying rather longer than expected. It was wonderful, but it feels good to be back safe in our little village for autumn. This year is colder than last, there is pure, clean snow low on the mountains, a lot of snow, and our first frost […]

Lunch in the Tuica Shed

Our village is full of fruit trees. The hills roll on for mile after mile, each a patchwork of narrow strips owned by individual families. Some grow grass for animal feed, some potatoes, cabbages, carrots, tomatoes and beans, but most grow fruit. There is an incredible abundance of apples, pears and plums in Maramures, far […]

Misunderstandings and More Wood. Village Life in Romania

It was my birthday this week. I was 49 years old. A friend commented on Facebook that it would be great to set the clocks back to our 20s, well, not for me it wouldn’t. At 20, 25, 29 I was working in a job I hated to climb a career ladder I cared nothing […]

A New Joy in Cooking. Romanian Local Style

If you’ve been following our travel blog for the last few years you’ll know that I hate cooking. Not just mildly dislike it, really, really hate it. We never rent apartments to self-cater, that would spoil my trip. The countries we love most are those where we eat out 3 times a day, every day, […]

Keeping Warm in Romania. It’s All About Wood.

We have wood! When we got back to the village from our Europe road trip, I was surprised to discover that it was cold. Our house-sitters had been lighting the stovesĀ and feeling pretty chilly. OK, so it was mid October, but when we left Romania, daytime temperatures were still in the high 20s and we’d […]