Christmas in Breb. 2016, Year 2 !

We’ve spent 2 Christmases in Breb now. Does that mean we live here? Legally we don’t, we spend time here as tourists, but I wish we did. This is the most glorious, amazing, fascinating place we’ve found anywhere on this huge planet of wonders and only a few special people know about it, for now. […]

Romanian House Project Update.September 2015

Hi, I haven’t posted on this site for a while because life took us back to London. I found this post lying unpublished, fully written. It’s 12 months old exactly and sadly, the situation hasn’t changed. Our paperwork STILL hasn’t been rubber stamped. We’ve heard a rumour that there is a feud between the vendor […]

First Snow in The Village

26th November 2015. The first time we saw snow in the village. There has been a sprinking of snow on the mountains all around us for a few days now. We’ve been making preparations, stocking up on food and drinks, just in case we get snowed in. We don’t really own a fridge or a […]

From Pig to Meat

From my seat beneath the kitchen window, I can see into the family compounds of two of our neighbours. Each compound has two wooden houses, a barn, an outside toilet, a collection of fruit tres and a large vegetable garden. One has a tuica shed ( a distillery), both have huge stacks of wood ready […]

Misunderstandings and More Wood. Village Life in Romania

It was my birthday this week. I was 49 years old. A friend commented on Facebook that it would be great to set the clocks back to our 20s, well, not for me it wouldn’t. At 20, 25, 29 I was working in a job I hated to climb a career ladder I cared nothing […]