Christmas in Breb. 2016, Year 2 !

We’ve spent 2 Christmases in Breb now. Does that mean we live here? Legally we don’t, we spend time here as tourists, but I wish we did. This is the most glorious, amazing, fascinating place we’ve found anywhere on this huge planet of wonders and only a few special people know about it, for now. […]

Pigs, Wood, Neighbours and Sarmale. Autumn in Breb

We’re home, finally. Summer saw us heading to London and staying rather longer than expected. It was wonderful, but it feels good to be back safe in our little village for autumn. This year is colder than last, there is pure, clean snow low on the mountains, a lot of snow, and our first frost […]

Romanian House Project Update.September 2015

Hi, I haven’t posted on this site for a while because life took us back to London. I found this post lying unpublished, fully written. It’s 12 months old exactly and sadly, the situation hasn’t changed. Our paperwork STILL hasn’t been rubber stamped. We’ve heard a rumour that there is a feud between the vendor […]

Saving Bears in Romania

Romania has plenty of bears. Half of the European brown bear population lives on the forested hills of this beautiful country. When we talk about saving bears, we’re not talking so much about the wild Romanian bears, as the ones who have had a terrible existence, held captive by private owners and in small Eastern […]

The Turda Salt Mine, Romania.

A few days ago I woke up with feet so itchy I just couldn’t stand still. A Romanian road trip, a voyage of discovery, was on my mind and I knew just the place. The amusement park in a salt mine that I’d seen pictures of online, an amazing James-Bondesque underground cavern turned tourist attraction, […]